General Information About Construction

Construction is a field that includes the construction, renovation, repair, alteration or demolition of structures and groups of structures. Buildings are houses, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, gyms, etc. that we humans use as living spaces. It covers places.

Construction operations are generally carried out within the framework of a project. The project is actually a plan that includes details of how the building will be built, what materials will be used and when the work will be completed. The project is usually carried out by contractors and is carefully prepared regarding the location, conditions and cost of the construction.

Construction operations are usually carried out by a construction company. Construction companies, contractors who prepare the project and workers who will carry out the construction, etc. It brings together the necessary people and materials in the fields. Construction workers perform a variety of tasks. These include operations such as pouring concrete, laying bricks, roofing and installing electrical wiring.

Construction workers work at a workplace often referred to as a construction site. Although construction sites are generally thought of as the place where the structure will be built, these sites are also places where projects are planned, produced materials are stored and workers perform their duties.

Working on a construction site is a physically demanding job and it is important that workers pay attention to health and safety conditions. Therefore, the use of safety equipment is required on construction sites and workers are trained to ensure the safety of working conditions. Additionally, most construction workers have received special vocational training. These trainings are given to increase the safety and efficiency of workers.