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The construction sector, which is called the locomotive sector for the country's economy, is extremely important in terms of workforce and foreign currency source.


Map Engineering

The increased sensitivity of measuring instruments with the technologies developed over time has further expanded the field of cartography.

Map Engineering

Land Transactions

You can give power of attorney to our company to speed up your transactions at the land registry offices and be our guest in this process.

Land Transactions

Zoning Applications

It includes determining the area, passing the boundaries, map revision, obtaining title deed records, arranging the separation diameter, calculating the partnership shares, preparing summary tables and subdivision maps.

Zoning Applications

Cadastral Procedures

You can give power of attorney to our company to speed up your transactions at the cadastral directorates. Click the button below for detailed information.

Cadastral Procedures


  • 1. How is the project price determined?

    Project prices are determined according to the fee table for project prices determined by the chamber to which each project designer is affiliated (chamber of architects for architectural projects), according to the size of the building, building class and number of blocks. First, a preliminary study prepared in line with customer requests is presented, and then a price is requested for other projects.

  • 2. How is the construction cost determined?

    It is possible to calculate both the approximate cost and the exact cost by examining all the projects according to today's prices (architecture, statics, ground survey, electricity, plumbing, elevator). While calculating, the cost is calculated based on the quantity measurements made according to the changing economy, taking into account the wishes of the owners.

  • 3. What should I pay attention to when choosing a contractor?

    First of all, the best way to get to know a contractor is to talk to someone who has done business with that contractor before. If such a thing is not possible, the contractor's previous work, the technical staff it employs, and its financial sufficiency should be examined.

  • 4. In what areas, how and with whom does the General Directorate of Mapping carry out cooperation activities?

    General Directorate of Mapping, based on the authority granted by the legislation, carries out education, research, development, joint production, etc. It cooperates with public institutions and organizations, municipalities and other legal entities on issues within the framework of protocols prepared specifically for the subject.

  • 5. Should approval be obtained from the General Directorate of Mapping to use a map?

    A person or organization that purchases a map for a usage fee can use this map for their own private work. No permission is required for this. However, it may be possible to reproduce the purchased map, give it to third parties or make it a commercial subject, within the scope of the permission of the person or organization producing the map, provided that the copyright and quotation rights are paid.

  • 1. I cannot see the real estate registered in my name on e-government. What should I do?

    In order to view your real estate information via e-government, your Turkish Republic Identity Number must be registered in the system, and this regulation can be corrected by making a declaration to the relevant Land Registry Directorate from the "DECLARE" section on your e-government page or by applying from the Web Land Registry.

  • 2. Which qualified properties require DASK?

    Independent sections within the scope of the Condominium Law No. 634, buildings built as residences on immovable properties registered in the title deed and subject to private ownership, independent sections within these buildings used for commercial, office and similar purposes, and buildings built by the State or with a loan provided by the State due to natural disasters. Residences are subject to compulsory earthquake insurance.

    Taşınmaz maliki veya intifa hakkı sahipleri zorunlu deprem sigortasının yükümlüsü olup, bu sigortaya tabi bağımsız bölümler ve binalarla ilgili tescil ve tapuya kayıtlı taşınmazın kayda tabi olmayan bir taşınmaza dönüşmesi hali hariç olmak üzere tüm terkin işlemleri zorunlu deprem sigortası kapsamında kalan tapu işlemleri olarak değerlendirilmektedir.

  • 3. What are the documents required to establish a floor easement?

    Documents required for establishing a floor easement:

    • Identity document (belonging to the parties and their representatives, if any)
    • If there is representation in the transaction, a representation document (Authority Certificate, Power of Attorney, etc.)
    • Architectural Project
    • Layout Plan and Building Permit for Mass Buildings
    • Management Plan
    • Building application project prepared during the approval process of architectural projects (2021/4)
    • Three-dimensional digital building model of the architectural project (2021/4)
  • 4. What is the web-title system?

    With the web-title system;

    • The title deed owner can see the information of his own real estate. By making the necessary payments electronically, you can obtain an up-to-date officially valid title deed, mortgage document and title deed registration copy.

    • The title deed owner may authorize someone else to examine the information regarding his or her real estate.

    • The land registry owner can apply online without going to the land registry office and send the necessary documents to the land registry office online. Thus, the transactions are initiated and brought to the signature stage without the citizen going to the land registry office.

    • With web-tapu, citizens can create or revoke a declaration that no action will be taken on their real estate without coming in person. Thus, a precaution was taken against fraud attempts.

    • Additionally, by using Web-tapu, the owner can authorize or revoke the authorization given to real estate agents to view title deed information and apply to the land registry office in a secure manner.

    • Citizens who have gained the title of heir can see the immovable properties registered in the name of the deceased, which have not yet been transferred.

  • 5. What kind of transactions can I perform from Alo 181 Call Center?

    Currently, it provides service between 08:00 in the morning and 18:00 in the evening on weekdays and calls are answered.

    You can make an appointment for your transactions at the Land Registry Offices with the help of operators,

    You can obtain information on issues related to Land Registry and Cadastre, and send your opinions, suggestions and requests to our Institution.

    With the Spatial Real Estate System (MEGSIS), you can instantly visually learn the location of your real estate at http://cbs.tkgm.gov.tr/parselsorgu.aspx.

    With the e-Appointment system, you can make an appointment for your transactions via the internet address http://randevu.tkgm.gov.tr ​​without going to the Directorates.

    Telephone Number for Citizens Calling from Abroad: +90 312 4108600